5 Reasons Why Vietnam Is The Best Country For Digital Nomads In Asia

Why do I think Vietnam is the best country for digital nomads? It has everything you could want that the other countries in South East Asia just don’t have. Check out the list below.


Vietnam doesn’t have to import food from outside of the country, they have the best in South East Asia and one of the best cuisines in the world. However, in addition to having the best cuisine, they also have the best selection of foreign food and a solid homegrown beer culture (see Pasteur Street Brewing Co.). A lifelong New Yorker, one of the biggest things I missed abroad was access to the best food different cultures had to offer. When I went to a great Indian place in Ho Chi Minh City, I nearly cried tears of joy as I shoveled Chana Saag into my mouth. I hadn’t had Indian food in months and back home I ate it once a week at least. The same goes for Middle Eastern, Korean, Mexican, etc… Vietnamese people know the importance of good food and they have incredibly high standards. One of the best sandwiches I have ever had IN MY LIFE was a Banh Mi in Ho Chi Minh City from an alley way shop. I will remember that until I die, I also had amazing pho noodle soups, lettuce wraps, rice dishes and more. The food alone is worth a trip.

Vietnam Is The Best Country For Digital Nomads

So good… and of course, I reused that bag!


Vietnam Is The Best Country For Digital Nomads because you can live comfortably in a nice apartment for less than $500. The food is very reasonable and won’t cost you more than $20 per week even if you eat out. The internet is fast and cheap, one month of high speed internet costs USD $8. Grab will get you around for USD $1-2 per trip.

I found all of my apartments on AirBnb, but you can find amazing places on Facebook groups as well.


Most of your work will be done in a co-working space, Vietnam has many of them, and they are all great! What I didn’t like about co-working spaces in other countries is that it was mainly white foreigners. However, in Vietnam, you work alongside Vietnamese entrepreneurs and business people. The people are so well dressed, tailored, and sharp-looking, all while being so kind and generous. You can go to a “sweetheart” bar and the women will welcome you with open arms, a nice feeling when you’ve been working on a secluded beach


Vietnam, despite being communist is very forward-thinking, modern, and bold. The people are hard-working, educated, intelligent, well dressed and liberal for the most part, and I felt like I was back in the U.S. The country has a storied history, some not so pleasant. I encourage you to do your own research on that…

Layers of French colonial influence mixed with a deep and long history going back thousands of years.


Though mass transit in the city areas isn’t great, a Grab will get you anywhere you need to go and it is pretty cheap. Buses and trains will get you from city to city at a reasonable cost. Flights are cheap but terrible for the environment.

Vietnam-Grab-Motorbike-Taxi-Vietnam Is The Best Country For Digital Nomads

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