Viori Bar Rice Shampoo Review

Viori Bar Rice Shampoo Review: 4.6/5

Lather: 5/5

Takes about a minute to get a sudsy lather, but this shampoo lathers up just as good as any other conventional shampoo.

Clean: 5/5

My hair felt clean after the shower and the next morning when fully dried.

Moisturizing: 5/5

My hair was soft, shiny and smooth.

Social Responsibility: 4/5

If you go to Viori’s site, you will see that they have several initiatives to benefit the Red Yao tribe; the source of the rice and ancient techniques to create their products. There has been quite some chatter on whether or not this company appropriates the Red Yao tribe or if they are compensated fairly. There is also chatter about the lack of diversity of their staff, however if you go to the teams page, you will find that the staff is quite diverse. Overall, based on the information online, they operate much better than traditional beauty and skincare brands.

Environmental Impact: 4/5

I like this product because it is 100% plastic free, however the rice is coming from China, so it’s not as sustainable as a locally produced product.

* This post is in no way sponsored by Viori, I purchased this product at full price and this review is my honest feedback. All of the information I gathered was from the Viori website and I have had ZERO contact with anyone associated with Viori as of 7/28/22.

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