Gift Guide For The Sustainable Traveler

Have a friend, co-worker, or family member that loves to travel sustainably? This (mostly) under $30 gift guide for the sustainable traveler has your tote bag toting, eco-obsessed traveler covered. Curated by a tote bag toting, and eco-obsessed traveler.

I also made a guide on reducing your footprint here.

19 billion pounds of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year, if everyone used just one of these products, that number would be greatly reduced.


GIFT GUIDE FOR THE SUSTAINABLE TRAVELER Zero Impact Travel Holiday Gift Guide - reusable cutlery
Zero Impact Travel Holiday Gift Guide - reusable cutlery

Reusable Coffee/Tea Cups + Water Bottles

Looking for the perfect reusable travel mug? Stojo is it! This little mug is collapsible and leak proof. It comes in a million colors and is great for anyone who loves a hot beverage. I use this cup in my daily life and on my travels. During beverage service, I delight the flight attendant with my reusable cup. They really appreciate how you are making less work for them and helping the environment. Oh yea, it comes with a straw too!

stojohot beverage cup.

Water Bottle

I have had every brand and off brand of water bottle there is. I can say with perfect confidence that this one is the best! It keeps ice water ice “icy” for hours and hot beverages scalding long past they were brewed. This bottle will be a much loved upgrade in any eco-travelers life!

Reusable Cloth Baggies To Replace Disposable Plastic Baggies

This one is important, lots of those plastic baggies go into the ocean and cause havoc for marine eco-systems.


This one company claims to have rid the world of 1 MILLION plastic bottles with their solid bar products. This sampler pack has a variety of conditioning and moisturizing options.

Zero Impact Travel Holiday Gift Guide - bar soap no plastic bottles

The Best Reusable Bag

No gift guide for the sustainable traveler would be complete without a reusable tote. I have had my Baggu for ten years now, yikes! This bag comes in many colors and is great for both men and women.

Zero Impact Travel Holiday Gift Guide - the best reusable bag
 Zero Impact Travel Holiday Gift Guide - the best reusable bag

Audible or Kindle Membership

Audible and Kindle memberships are great for sustainable travelers.

For the reader who loves to read but probably feels guilty about the paper, adhesives and string that goes into making a book. This gift is for them. Amazon has options for Kindle and Audible. Their flights will be all the more pleasurable thanks to you!

Audible Memberships

Kindle Memberships (6 months for $29.00 until 12/31/19)

Solar Powered Battery

For someone who is eco-obsessed, there is no greater high than charging your device on a solar powered battery. This will be a treasured gift for any sustainable traveler at home or abroad.

Solar powered battery for the sustainable traveler
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